Top 5 Classes of Business We Wrote in Q1

PartnerOne Environmental had a busy and successful first quarter of the year. Business is definitely back for many industries after an uncertain year. Here are the 5 classes of business we have bound most so far in 2021:

  1. Abatement and demolition contractors
  2. Remediation contractors
  3. Fire & water restoration contractors
  4. Septic tanks/wastewater treatment & disposal contractors
  5. Environmental consultants

Although these types of accounts certainly fit our ‘sweet spot,’ we also write a wide range of contractors, consultant, and facilities. Do you have an account you need help with? Contact us.

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Contractors Professional Liability

PartnerOne is extremely competitive on CPL/E&O accounts. In addition to A+ rated coverage, we offer fast turnarounds and superior service. Learn about coverage enhancements, pricing, limits, and more.

Target Risks for Package Policies

We offer package policies for a variety of risks, including abatement contractors, health & safety consultants, tank cleaning contractors, emergency response contractors, septic tank cleaning contractors…read more.

Recent Success Stories

  • $1.5M Asbestos abatement and demolition contractor located in upstate New York purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability/Professional ($1M/$2M limits), a $5M/$5M Excess policy, and a $1M BAP policy for a total of  $85,000.
  • $1.8M Restoration contractor purchased GL/CPL/Professional ($2M/$2M) for $12,913. This insured has been with us for 8 years, but this renewal premium had to be pro-rated to allow for a short-term policy to line up this package with insured’s other lines of insurance.
  • $6M Fire & water restoration contractor purchased CGL/CPL/E&O/Mold/EBL ($1M/$2M), Auto ($1M), and a $5M Excess policy for $182,302.
  • $875k Hog manure hauler/applicator purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability/Transportation Pollution Liability ($1M/$2M) for $8,329.
  • $2M Corrosion control and pipeline inspection firm purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability/Professional/Cyber ($1M/$2M), Auto ($1M CSL), and a $5M Excess policy for $105,000.
  • $4.1M Industrial cleaning, abatement, and coatings contractor purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability/Professional/Cyber ($1M/$2M), and a $4M Excess policy for $51,000.