Contractors who work with hazardous substances on a regular basis, as well as consultants who assess the effects of contaminants, have always required specialized coverage. As the environmental insurance marketplace has expanded, many of these firms have found that coverage is readily available. As an agent or wholesaler, your challenge and opportunity, is deciding if the coverage is right for your insured and if it will bring them the greatest protection and advantages.

Claim scenarios for environmental contractors.

One of the first steps in PartnerOne Environmental’s process is to determine whether an account has enough of an environmental exposure to be considered an environmental risk. We usually consider an insured “environmental” if they have a minimum of 25% environmental operations. Contracting and consulting operations that fit this category include, but are not limited to:

  • Asbestos abatement
  • Environmental consulting
  • Wastewater treatment plant operations/maintenance
  • Air monitoring
  • Regulatory compliance/permitting services
  • Mold Inspection and abatement
  • Soil/groundwater remediation
  • Lead abatement
  • Storage tank contractors
  • Emergency response
  • Analytical laboratories
  • Fire & water restoration
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Biosolid application
  • Environmental drilling/sampling

Here are some of the environmental coverages that environmental contractors and consultants should consider:
Contractors Pollution Liability
Contractors Pollution Liability insurance (CPL) is coverage designed to protect from third party claims for damages caused by “Pollution Conditions” arising from the insured’s covered operations. Adding Mold coverage broadens the defined list of covered pollutants to include molds, funguses, etc. We are able to add the General Liability and Professional Liability for most environmental contracting accounts.
Application (PDF)
Product information sheet (PDF)

Contractors Pollution Liability/Professional 
The Contractors Pollution Liability/Professional Policy is a combined Pollution and Professional coverage form. It provides coverage to environmental consultants, environmental engineers, and other environmental professionals who have an E&O exposure from their professional services, as well as a pollution exposure from any jobsite/project management operations. We are able to add the General Liability for most  environmental consulting accounts.
Product information sheet (PDF)

Site Pollution Liability
Site Pollution Liability insurance, also known as Premises Pollution, Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL insurance), and Pollution Legal Liability (PLL), is designed to cover claims arising from pollution releases at, on, or emanating from a specific scheduled location. Examples may include a contractor’s equipment yard or a self storage facility.
Application (PDF)
Product information sheet (PDF)

Follow Form Excess Liability
If underlying General Liability, Pollution and/or Professional Liability is offered via PartnerOne, a Follow Form Excess policy is also available. The Follow Form XS will go over the qualifying environmental coverage lines, as well as the underlying Auto and Employers Liability if applicable.

Standard insurance carriers usually either don’t want to write or aren’t equipped to properly write the coverages listed above that environmental risks may need. Further, please also keep in mind that packaging these coverages with PartnerOne Environmental can produce some advantages for the environmental contractor:

  • The insured can often get package credits for binding more than one line of coverage and a combined form also eliminates or lessens the chance there will be a gap in coverage.
  • If there is a gray area, it is usually easier to determine whether it is a GL, Pollution, or Professional claim, but if there are two carriers involved, claims handling becomes more complicated.
  • Writing multiple lines with PartnerOne Environmental will also help retain the account at renewal.

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