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Insurance for Environmental Contractors

environmental contractors removing hazardous substances

Contractors who work with hazardous substances on a regular basis, as well as consultants who assess the effects of contaminants, have always required specialized coverage. As the environmental insurance marketplace has expanded, many of these firms have found that coverage...

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Insurance for Non-Environmental Contractors

man hammering

When you think of pollution exposures, what comes to mind? A toxic waste dump? People in hazmat suits and gas masks? There is a common misconception in our industry about pollution exposures. "If my client doesn't deal with hazardous materials, then he or she doesn't have an...

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Site Pollution Insurance

office building

Almost all premises have a pollution exposure, from an insured's day-to-day operations, a neighbor's negligence of its facility, or even natural disasters triggering an event. These pollution exposures are usually excluded from General Liability or Property coverage forms, s...

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PartnerOne Fuel Solutions

car charging station

PartnerOne Fuel Solutions is a package of coverages designed to meet the needs of businesses with unique premises specific exposures. Coverage is competitively priced for locations where evidence of financial responsibility is required for storage tanks, as well as locations...

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Environmental Facilities

environmental facilities

Industrial and commercial facilities with manufacturing and operational exposures face unique casualty and pollution concerns stemming from the activities performed at the facility, products manufacturing, materials handling/storage, and waste disposal practices, just to nam...

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Spotlight: Septic System Contractors

Because septic system contractors typically work below ground, they often aren’t sure what they may encounter at jobsites. In addition to spills and wastewater considerations, there may be storage tanks, piping, or other equipment that could be punctured, affecting soil or...

Account Profile: Environmental Contractor in New York

By Allison McGreal, Assistant Vice President PartnerOne recently received a submission for an asbestos/lead abatement, mold remediation, and interior demolition contractor located in Long Island, NY. The agent approached PartnerOne because the policies were placed in a ma...

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Recently Written Account 10.19.20

$3M Industrial cleaning/tank cleaning contractor purchased GL/CPL ($1M/$2M), Business Auto ($1M), Workers Comp ($1M), and a $10M Excess policy for a total premium of $159,610. Some background on this success story: a local company sold their business and an asphalt company s...

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