Environmental Insurance Products Offered Through PartnerOne Environmental:

PartnerOne Package
PartnerOne Package is a combined form providing General Liability coverage, as well as Contractors Pollution Liability and Professional Liability when applicable.

PartnerOne Contractors Pollution
PartnerOne Contractors Pollution is a monoline Contractors Pollution Liability form providing coverage for pollution claims arising from an insured’s covered and completed operations.

PartnerOne Contractors Pollution & Professional
PartnerOne Contractors Pollution & Professional is a combined CPL and Professional Liability policy that is custom tailored to address the risk exposures encountered by non-environmental contractors.

PartnerOne Facilities Casualty & Pollution
PartnerOne Facilities Casualty & Pollution is a package policy for facilities that provides General Liability and Site Specific Pollution Liability, as well as Contractors Pollution Liability and Products Pollution Liability.

PartnerOne Renewable & Alternative Energy
This program is designed to give developers, commercial entities hiring contractors to build energy facilities for them, and contractors/installers working in the energy industry lines of coverage that will address the specific exposures they encounter.

PartnerOne Fuel Solutions
The PartnerOne Fuel Solutions policy provides coverage for cleanup costs at a tank owner’s facility due to releases from site itself and/or scheduled tanks on the policy. In addition to traditional storage tanks, PartnerOne Fuel Solutions addresses the changing needs of alternative and renewable fuel storage, including electricity, biodiesel, hydrogen, ethanol, natural gas, propane, etc.

PartnerOne Premises Pollution
PartnerOne Premises Pollution is a Site Specific Pollution policy that provides coverage for both on-site and off-site clean-up, defense costs, and third party bodily injury and property damage claims.

PartnerOne Self Storage Plus
PartnerOne Self Storage Plus is a Site Specific Pollution Liability form providing coverage for supervised and unsupervised self storage facilities throughout the US.

PartnerOne Workers Compensation
The PartnerOne Workers Compensation policy provides coverage for an employer’s exposure arising out of job-related injury/death resulting from an accident or occupational disease sustained by employees.

PartnerOne Auto
Automobile insurance coverage is typically required for most businesses; an Auto policy including Pollution is an ISO based Auto form including broadened pollution endorsements and any motor carrier filings.

PartnerOne Dealer & Repair
PartnerOne Dealer & Repair is a combined form, including Storage Tank Liability and Site Pollution Liability.

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