Summer Building & Renovation = Account Opportunities

Summer officially starts today and construction projects are well underway. This means GCs, carpenters, drywall contractors, roofers, plumbers, painters, and other non-environmental contractors are already busy with new construction as well as upgrades and renovations.

These contractors should carry Contractors Pollution & Professional (CPL/E&O), which is designed to cover pollution-related incidents from both contracting and professional services. 

  • Limits up to $15,000,000
  • Minimum premium $5,000
  • Available enhancements include rectification expense, professional protective indemnity, crisis management, and corporate reputation rehabilitation.

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Steps to a Smooth and Successful Renewal

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Recent success stories

$15M Electrical contractor purchased Contractors Pollution Liability/E&O/Cyber ($1M/$1M) for $9,000.

$1M Asbestos abatement and demolition services purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability/E&O/Cyber ($1M/$2M), Excess ($5M), and Workers Compensation ($1M) for $56,000.

$500k Asbestos abatement contractor purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability ($1M/$2M), and $1M Excess for $7,541.

$1.1M Fire/water restoration contractor purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability/E&O, Transportation Pollution Liability, Non-Owned Disposal Site Coverage, Microbial Substance Coverage ($1M/$2M) and $3M Excess policy for $22,627.

$34M Security system installation company purchased Contractors Pollution Liability, Transportation Pollution Liability, Non-Owned Disposal Site Coverage, Mold, and Cyber ($1M/$1M) for $9,838. We previously wrote a project policy for this insured and at the end of the project we were able to insure the entire practice.

$1.25M Industrial Cleaner purchased Contractors Pollution Liability/E&O ($2M/$3M) for $9,594.

$3M Environmental consultant specializing in environmental site assessments and sampling purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability/E&O, and Excess (combined limits $5M/$5M) for $96,500. This insured had open claims but based on risk management/loss control measure put in place, we were able to offer competitive terms.

$3.87M Green waste recycling & demolition company purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability ($1M/$2M) and Excess ($3M/$3M) for $65,344. This insured suffered an extreme shock loss several years ago but took appropriate steps to prevent and mitigate future such losses, which have already helped to significantly improve their loss ratios.