New Business Opportunities for the Second Half of 2022

We have identified some of the best opportunities to write environmental coverage this year. These classes of business can be found in every community and have exposures that can be addressed with pollution coverage. Target risks include:

Environmental contractors

Target classes include: asbestos abatement, environmental consulting, fire & water restoration, industrial cleaning, emergency response, and more.

Non-environmental contractors

Target classes include: general contractors, roofers, plumbers, carpenters, painters, drywall contractors, utility contractors, electricians, and more.

Sites & facilities

Target classes include: wastewater treatments plants, recycling facilities, retail centers, municipalities, self storage facilities, landfills, office buildings, and more.

Businesses with storage tanks

Target classes include: vehicle repair & maintenance facilities, gas station, convenience stores, and any location with a tank and/or backup generator such as a hospital, hotel, school, and more.

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News Alert: Storage Tank Submissions

PartnerOne Environmental has decades of experience writing tanks for a wide range of risks. We offer A+ coverage with fast turnarounds and superior service. See target risks and coverage enhancements.

When Do Contractors Need Site-Specific Pollution Insurance?

Often when producers get a request for Pollution insurance, there aren’t any qualifiers that explain the need behind the request. But because there are so many types of environmental…Read the article.

Recent Success Stories

$1M Abatement, demolition, and recycling business purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability/E&O ($1M/$2M), Excess ($3M), and Auto ($1M) for $41,000.

$2.1M Environmental remediation firm purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability/E&O ($1M/$2M), Excess ($2M) for $22,000.

$2.5M Recycler of wood waste purchased GL/Site Pollution/Products Pollution/Contractors Pollution/Transportation Pollution ($1M/$2M), Excess ($5M/$5M) and Auto for $93,917.

$3M Environmental consultant focusing on soil remediation purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability/E&O and Excess (combined limits $5M/$5M) for $96,269. This account had large prior losses, but with some changes in their risk management to help mitigate, and with high deductibles, we were able to offer terms for both primary and Excess.

$425k Asbestos abatement contractor in NY purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability/E&O ($1M/$2M) and Excess ($1M) for $18,832. Includes Action Over coverage.

$3.2M Environmental contractor, performing installation and removal of USTs, purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability, including EBL, Transportation Pollution Liability, Non-Owned Disposal Site coverage, Cyber (combined $1M/$2M) and a $1M Excess policy for $19,859.

$2.1M Demo contractor located in NJ purchased GL ($1M/$2M), Auto ($1M CSL), and Excess ($5M) for $118,000.