What Makes an Account “Environmental”?

One of the first steps in PartnerOne’s underwriting process when writing General Liability on an account is to determine whether the client has enough of an environmental exposure to be considered an environmental risk. We usually consider an insured “environmental” if they have a minimum of 25% environmental operations. Contracting and consulting operations that fit this category include, but are not limited to:

  • Asbestos/lead/mold abatement
  • Wastewater treatment plant operations/maintenance
  • Vacuum truck/septic tank contractors
  • Industrial hygiene/health & safety consultants.
  • Air monitoring
  • Regulatory compliance/permitting services
  • Soil/groundwater remediation
  • Storage tank contractors
  • Emergency response
  • Analytical laboratories
  • Fire & water restoration
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Biosolid application

PartnerOne can write GL/Pollution/Professional and Excess for environmental contractors & consultants and also provide full Action Over coverage in all 50 states. Coverage starts at just $2,500.

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Insurance Considerations for a Changing Fuel Industry

“Where we’re going, we don’t need roads” – the iconic statement from Doc Brown in the movie Back to the Future in 1985 gave us kids of the 1980s hope we would be in flying cars by now. While we aren’t quite there yet, alternative fuel transportation is gaining momentum across the country. The renovation of existing traditional fueling centers is taking place to accommodate these new fueling methods, along with construction new of charging and fueling stations along our highways and embedded in commercial, retail, and office spaces. Ongoing projects to improve our roads and bridges will be on the horizon for years to come as well. Read the article.

Recent Accounts Written

  • $2.5M Asbestos abatement and demolition contractor purchased GL/CPL/E&0 ($1M/$2M) and a $5M Excess policy for $33,000.
  • A trucking company in WV with 4 tanks at the main location and 1 tank temporarily installed at a mine for use with their trucks only. The company purchased a $1M Storage Tank Liability policy for $1,132.
  • $245k Environmental site consultant purchased GL/CPL/E&O ($1M/$2M) for $2,500.
  • $280k Mud logging & sampling services company purchased GL/CPL/E&O ($1M/$2M) and a $5M Excess policy for $14,000.
  • $270k Organic fertilizer applicator with composting facility purchased GL/CPL ($1M/$2M) for $5,249. The terms included both 3rd party Site Pollution Liability and Products Pollution Liability coverage.
  • $16.5M General contractor purchased a $5M/$5M CPL/E&O policy for $19,604. This was an experienced GC, focused on commercial and industrial projects.
  • A truck stop in WV with 5 tanks purchased Storage Tank Liability ($1M/$2M) for $6,334.
  • $8.5M Landscape contractor purchased CPL/E&O ($1M/$2M) for $8,934.
  • $2.7M Environmental consultant purchased GL/CPL/E&O ($1M/$2M) and a $2M Excess policy for $59,375. This insured is based in NY and does work in the 5 boroughs.
  • $245k Environmental site consultant purchased GL/CPL/E&O ($1M/$2M) for $2,500.