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We have an extremely high hit ratio on accounts for abatement contractors working with mold, lead, and/or asbestos. Our team has decades of experience writing these risks and can offer the coverage and enhancements these insureds need. Learn more.

Exposures: Mishaps involving the improper handling, storage, transport, or disposal of materials can lead to pollutant releases. In addition, unknown factors including existing site contamination and structural conditions could present a potential exposure for abatement contractors. Read more.

Package policies for abatement contractors start at just $2,500. 
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Team Member Spotlight: Eric Bremer

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Recent Success Stories

  • $2.7M Abatement, demolition, and remediation company purchased GL/Contractors Pollution/Cyber ($1M/$2M) and $4M Excess policy for $47,000.
  • $32M Utility contracting/fiber optic cable installation services company purchased Contractors Pollution & Professional ($1M/$1M) for $16,632.
  • $2.55M Plastic & cardboard recycling company purchased GL/Site Pollution Liability ($1M/$2M) and Excess ($1M) for $22,444. This business suffered a severe shock loss in early 2023 that made it challenging for them to find replacement coverage at an acceptable premium. We were able to meet this need with terms acceptable to all concerned.
  • $1.8M Medical waste disposal company purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability ($1M/$2M) and Auto ($1M) for $84,281.
  • $400k Manure pumping/application contractor purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability/Transportation Pollution Liability/Limited Cyber Liability ($1M/$1M) for $5,884.