Warmest Thanksgiving Wishes From PartnerOne Environmental

We appreciate your business and partnership throughout the year! Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving from the PartnerOne family to yours. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help with any end of year accounts, requests, etc.

Auto, Workers Comp, and Other Supporting Lines

PartnerOne can help you round out coverage for your clients by offering supporting lines, including Auto, Excess, and more. Packaging these lines together adds efficiency, protects against potential coverage gaps, and helps generate the best possible pricing. See product info.

Examining Retroactive Dates on an Account

Retroactive dates are critical to maintaining the correct coverage and avoiding a gap in coverage. There are many considerations that come into play when reviewing an expiring policy to ensure the retroactive dates are correct, including pricing…Read the article.

Recent Success Stories

  • A business specializing in soil remediation, hydroexcavation and reclamation services purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability/Professional ($1M/$2M), Excess ($5M), and Auto ($1M CSL) for $54,000.
  • $800k Emergency response contractor purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability/Professional ($1M/$2M), Excess ($5M), and Auto ($1M CSL) for $83,000.
  • $1.2M Environmental consultant/safety & compliance consulting company purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability/Professional ($1M/$2M) and Excess ($5M/$5M) for $22,642. The incumbent carrier was reducing capacity on limits and wouldn’t match the same $5M Excess for renewal that they previously had provided. We were not only able to offer the full $5M Excess but also an option for $10M for a particular job they were considering.
  • $700k Soil remediation contractor specializing in the removal, transportation, and disposal of contaminated soil purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability ($1M/$2M) and Auto ($1M CSL) for $64,695.
  • $2M Asbestos abatement & interior demolition contractor purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability ($1M/$2M), Excess ($5M), and Auto ($1M CSL) for $34,342. This was a new venture started buy an owner with significant prior related experience before starting on his own. We were able to package this with the auto to provide policies for all his coverage needs.
  • A municipal airport purchased Storage Tank Liability coverage ($1M/$1M) for $21,551. Coverage is for four underground tanks containing jet fuel; they are bare steel, single walled, 43 years old, and 20,000 gallons each.