Alert: Package Policies for Environmental Accounts

PartnerOne Package coverage starts at $2,500 plus applicable taxes and fees.

Packages can include GL, Contractors Pollution & Professional, Workers Compensation, Auto…Learn more.

Available product enhancements include: Blanket Additional Insured Coverage for General Liability and Contractors Pollution Liability coverage parts, Blanket Waiver of Subrogation, Primary and Non-Contributory, Employee Benefits Liability, Mold Coverage, Transportation Pollution Liability, Natural Resources Damage, and more.

Target risks may include: Abatement contractors, remediation contractors, health & safety consultants, emergency response contractors, fire and water restoration contractors, septic & porta potty contractors, commercial solar, and more.

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PartnerOne Fuel Solutions

Whether you insure a repair shop, auto dealership, or golf course, your site pollution exposure is broader than just a possible leak from your storage tank. Coverage is…Learn more.




The Environmental Impact of Agribusinesses

Agricultural operations can significantly impact the environment, and various aspects of these practices can lead to environmental damage. Farming activities could inherently affect soil, water, and air through the use of pesticides, fertilizers, farm equipment, animal waste, runoff, and more. Read the article.



Recent Success Stories

  • $1.5M Used oil recycling services business purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability ($1M/$2M), Auto ($1M CSL), and Excess ($4M) for $90,000.
  • $4.638M Recycler/C&D waste hauler purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability/Site Pollution Liability ($1M/$2M) and Excess ($2M/$2M) for $28,578. This was a new venture start-up that we first received in January and first quoted in February of this year. We quoted it multiple times over the following months but persistence paid off when it finally bound in July.
  • $50M Commercial electrical contractor purchased Contractors Pollution & Professional ($5M/$5M) for $28,000.
  • $800k Industrial cleaning contractor purchased GL/Contractors Pollution Liability/Professional ($1M/$2M) for $7,229. This insured is a newly established industrial cleaning contractor started by an experienced owner.
  • $2M Contractor specializing in asbestos abatement, industrial cleaning, PCB removal, soil excavation, and demolition purchased GL ($2M/$1M), Workers Compensation ($1M/$1M/$1M), Auto ($1M), and Excess ($2M) for $61,609.