Environmental Contractor with an Auto Exposure

This month we bound coverage for a $2.2M environmental contractor in Texas doing industrial cleaning and vacuum truck work for the petrochemical industry. We were able to tackle some challenges with this account, including their Hired and Non-Owned Auto exposure — they often rent units, have a large cost of hire, and lease vacuum trucks several times a month. The incumbent carrier placed several limitations on the renewal proposal, opening the door for PartnerOne to provide better coverage and service. PartnerOne Environmental wrote the Auto ($1M CSL), GL ($2M/$1M), and Excess ($10M) for a total of $111,206.

Trucking Company in the Oilfield Industry

PartnerOne Environmental recently worked on an account for a $38M trucking company working in the oil & gas industry. This business hauls oilfield equipment and provides emergency response/remediation services for oil spills. The insured needed limits of $6M/$6M to maintain uniform limit structure across their entire program, which can be challenging given the transportation exposure. We were able to offer Contractors Pollution Liability, including Transportation Pollution Liability, Non-Owned Disposal Site Coverage, Mold, and Crisis Management for a total premium of $38,506.

Industrial Cleaner with a Transportation/Disposal Exposure

PartnerOne Environmental wrote an account for a $750K company performing industrial cleaning of products used to hold or utilize concrete. This business provides bins for concrete equipment to be washed out in, and then they collect the bins and take the materials to an appropriate disposal facility. We were able to provide General Liability, Contractors Pollution Liability, Corporate Reputation Rehabilitation, Crisis Management, Transportation Pollution Liability, Non-Owned Disposal Site Coverage, and Time Element Site Coverage for this insured under our Environmental Combined Package policy form. The insured carries $1M/$3M limits on their primary policy along with an additional $2M Excess policy, for a total premium of $13,474.

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