PartnerOne Environmental has built our business model around stability–offering quality coverage with reliable service is our priority. When carriers are downgraded or sold, it can pose very serious challenges for insureds. Most contractors need to be insured by an A-rated carrier to comply with contractual requirements — if their current insurance company’s rating drops below A, they may be in violation of their contracts and become limited in work they can perform. Since insureds typically do not keep up with these rating changes, it is up to their agent to make sure they are properly informed and covered.

Managing a change in carrier status can be tricky, but is important. Proactively replacing coverage with a better rated company can save an agency from dealing with the repercussions of having an insured signing contracts thinking they have adequate coverage. Nothing is worse than having a client who cannot get paid for work performed because the carrier listed on the certificate doesn’t have the required A.M. Best Rating.

We value our partnership with you and strive to be your source for environmental insurance. Please contact us if you have questions about our products or if you would like to discuss upcoming opportunities.