PartnerOne Fuel Solutions is a package of coverages designed to meet the needs of businesses with unique premises specific exposures. Coverage is competitively priced for locations where evidence of financial responsibility is required for storage tanks, as well as locations with other operational exposures. Minimum premiums start at $700.

But the PartnerOne Fuel Solutions program is much more than just another “tank market.” Combining high quality coverage from “A+” rated carriers with the exceptional underwriting talent and experience of the PartnerOne team, the Fuel Solutions program brings you the right coverage the right way.

Coverage for facilities including onsite storage tanks:

Whether you insure a repair shop, auto dealership, or golf course, your site pollution exposure is broader than just a possible leak from your storage tank. Oil/grease spills, hydraulic lifts, and chemical/pesticide storage are common pollution exposures at these facilities.  The PartnerOne Fuel Solutions policy can cover your range of exposures, along with the specific coverages needed for any onsite tanks.

Coverage for traditional storage tank system:

Having the right storage tank coverage should always be a priority for any property owner or manager working with a site that has tanks on it. And if the storage tanks are used for fuel sales or are used to store regulated substances, proper coverage is required to be in place. Complying with financial responsibility requirements doesn’t have to be hard. The good news is that this type of insurance is affordable and easy to secure.

Coverage for alternative fuel storage:

Fuel, power, and energy sources in general have become a more prevalent topic of conversation in the last decade. The extent of this discussion used to be about current gas prices, but the focus has shifted to environmental responsibility, the energy industry’s volatility, and our culture living a more sustainable life―which includes the type and manner in which people use fuel. This change in how people get their “power” has created a huge opportunity for existing and emerging companies, as well as the companies that insure them.

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