There have been significant changes in the environmental insurance marketplace this month which may generate the need for you to evaluate your renewal book, as well as new business opportunities.

First, one of the largest environmental carriers has announced that it will no longer be writing several environmental products including Site Pollution, Contractors Pollution/Professional, and Combined form GL/Pollution/Professional. Additionally, the merger of two major markets has created distribution issues that could impact thousands of accounts. And reductions in carrier ratings at some MGAs may leave insureds without the coverage they need to fulfill their contract requirements.

PartnerOne Environmental has a proven track record of delivering quality coverage with quick turnarounds at competitive pricing. Our experience providing solutions for both retail and wholesale producers makes PartnerOne Environmental a superior resource in this market segment.

We have worked with the same A+ rated carriers for the past six years, all of which have dedicated environmental claims teams, strong financial ratings, and longevity in our industry. Learn about our team and get information and applications for Premises Pollution Liability, CPL/E&O, and more

Working with a stable, knowledgeable partner is crucial to the success of any agency. Now is the time to review your accounts and proactively make changes. It may mean the difference between keeping or losing your best clients. Contact us to discuss the lines we can write or to set up a review of the current marketplace changes and their implications.