Recent Success Stories

PartnerOne Environmental has written some great accounts lately! The last few months have been extremely busy for us, renewing business and also binding some fantastic new business opportunities.

Due to our increased production demands, we have also added some new team members to the PartnerOne family. Check out our team webpage to learn about our experienced and knowledgeable staff.

  • $975k Environmental assessment consultant in NY purchased GL/CPL/E&O including mold, TPL, NODS ($1M/$2M) for $20,500.
  • Gas station owner with five underground tanks installed in 1998, purchased a commercial Tank policy ($1M/$1M limits) for $7,332.
  • Golf course & country club purchased a Tank & EIL policy ($1M/$2M limits) for $4,900. The site included three above ground tanks: two 1,000-gallon tanks installed in 2006, containing gas and diesel; and another 150-gallon tank installed in 2012, containing waste oil.
  • $1.3M Fire/water restoration contractor purchased GL/CPL/E&O for $5,947.
  • $1.6M Industrial cleaning/vacuum truck services company purchased GL/CPL ($1M/$2M) for $8,500.
  • Fuel distributor purchased Commercial Storage Tank coverage ($2M/$2M) for $10,593.
  • $1.5M Environmental consultant and waste broker purchased GL/CPL/E&O ($1M/$2M) and a $9M Excess policy for $25,000.
  • $1.4M Recycler (oil/solvent recovery) purchased GL/CPL with EIL endorsed for $16,077.
  • $4M Asbestos abatement contractor purchased GL/CPL ($1M/$2M) and a $5M Excess policy for a total of $295,078. We were able to provide terms in a short timeframe, offering coverage with no Action Over or 5 boroughs exclusions.
  • $6.9M General contractor and construction manager purchased CPL/Professional ($1M/$1M) for $6,780. Coverage includes Occurrence Mold, NODs, Site Pollution, and Mitigation of Damages.
  • $4.5M Oilfield contractor purchased CPL ($5M/$5M) for $13,000.

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Is Your Environmental Insurance Ready to Respond to 21st Century Contaminants?

By R. Ivy Riggs, CPCU, ASLI, AIS
Executive Underwriter, PartnerOne Environmental

One of the most widely misunderstood features of an environmental insurance policy is the definition of pollutant (or in some cases pollution condition).  For some, the confusion arises from a historical viewpoint that tends to interpret this term along traditional lines to mean an industrial byproduct or hazardous waste. For others, although they may know that coverage has broadened significantly over the past 25+ years… Read the complete story >>


Coverage for facilities including onsite storage tanks

Whether you insure a repair shop, auto dealership, or golf course, your site pollution exposure is broader than just a possible leak from your storage tank. Oil/grease spills, hydraulic lifts, and chemical/pesticide storage are common pollution exposures at these facilities. The PartnerOne Fuel Solutions policy can cover your range of exposures, along with the specific coverages needed for any onsite tanks. Learn more >>