Exposure Highlight: Self Storage Facilities

Self storage owners and managers face unique environmental concerns stemming from many sources. These can range anywhere from abandoned hazardous waste and midnight dumping to mold on the premises. The amount of activity on self storage properties provides an important opportunity for agents to analyze and discuss these significant exposures. Read more.


Contractual Oddities: What Color Are Your Dog’s Feathers?

By Ivy Riggs, PartnerOne Environmental Executive Underwriter

Have you ever been asked a question so peculiar you could only conclude that the person asking it had no idea what they were talking about? For many producers who work frequently with contractors, this situation may arise often. But it isn’t necessarily because the contractors themselves are unfamiliar with insurance jargon. Rather it is more often because they have been presented with contractual requirements that simply seem bizarre and they want YOU to satisfy them. What now?

This article examines two specific environmental insurance requirements that may appear in your clients’ contracts. At first glance, they are both a bit peculiar. We will give you some background for understanding these requests in context, as well as suggestions for how you might go about satisfying the intent, if not the actual letter, of these provisions. Get the complete article.


Recent Success Stories

$2.5M Tanks services and remediation firm purchased GL/CPL/E&O and an Excess policy. Limits $6M/$7M combined for primary and excess. Total premium = $75,513. This is a NY contractor, no NYC or 5 boroughs work, no Action Over exclusion.

$3.4M Non-environmental contractor purchased Occurrence CPL ($1M/$1M limits). Premium = $9,028

$3M Environmental health and safety consultant for industrial and petrochemical clients purchased GL/CPL/E&O ($1M/$2M limits). Premium = $19,591

$1.2M General Contractor that does water well drilling and some environmental drilling purchased CPL coverage ($1M/$1M limits). Premium = $2,653

$200k Restoration contractor purchased GL/CPL/E&O and a $1M Excess policy. Premium = $6,140