New Opportunities: Energy Contractors

We have recently seen many new opportunities to write accounts for energy contractors. This segment of the market is growing in size & breadth and requiring more specialized coverage, which means insurance for this class of business has become better and more affordable. Energy contractors provide services, support, construction, and related drilling work for the oil & gas industry. They can range from pipeline construction and site remediation contractors, to roustabout and refinery contractors.

We can successfully write these accounts for you, typically quoting and binding within a week. You can find more information about targeting energy contractors here.


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Success Stories

$1.2M Eyes/ears consultant (no direct supervision) for oilfield clients purchased GL/CPL/E&O for $9,950. Coverage includes broad form Pollution and hired/non-owned Auto.

$1.67M Underground storage tank contractor purchased GL/CPL/E&O for $10,534. Terms included nose coverage to convert their claims-made CPL to occurrence-based CPL with no loss of 6-year retro.

$800k Restoration/mold remediation contractor purchased GL/CPL/E&O and a $3M Excess policy for a total of $10,323.

$350k Environmental drilling contractor purchased CGL/CPL/PL and Excess (combined limits $6M/$7M) for $27,401. This insured is a NY domiciled risk, not working the 5 boroughs.