Important Coverage for Dealer & Repair Businesses

By Michelle Huitt, Assistant Vice President

Dealerships and repair shops typically have aboveground storage tanks with capacities of up to 550 gallons, which means that the tanks are not regulated by the states and therefore do not require Financial Assurance. Based on this, many of these businesses do not purchase pollution coverage. It is possible that they have some limited pollution coverage in their General Liability policies, but not enough to cover a significant pollution release. Read the complete article >>

Get information on coverage for storage tanks.

Learn about Site Pollution Liability.


Environmental Exposures for Marinas

*As many marinas work to wrap up boating season, there is a lot of activities at these locations. Do you have any marina clients? It’s a good time to touch base to discuss their coverage needs.

Marinas often provide fueling services on site, which means they have the exposure that comes with a petroleum-based storage tank. They may also perform repairs and regular maintenance on boats. Pollution insurance is one of the least understood coverages in today’s marketplace, but it can be a good way to address environmental exposure concerns at marinas. Read more.


Recent Success Stories

  • $6M Concrete contractor purchased occurrence CPL for $5,077.
  • $1.2M Asbestos, lead, and mold contractor purchased GL/CPL/E&O ($1M/$2M) and a $3M Excess policy for $21,000.
  • $900K Wastewater treatment operation GL/CPL/E&O ($1M/$2M) for $5,300.
  • Manufacturing company (2 locations) purchased EIL ($1M/$2M) for $6,214.
  • General contractor purchased two project CPL policies with $4M/$8M limits. The first $24M project was $23,082 and the second $7.8M project was $12,916.
  • $13M Non-environmental contractor that does mine reclamation/land improvement services and soil excavation purchased a CPL policy for $4,923.