Protecting Farms and Agribusiness Facilities: Site Pollution Insurance

Farms and agri-service facilities face many potential pollution exposures, regardless if they are located in rural or urban locations. Farming facilities of all shapes and sizes, including crop farms, wineries, etc., should be aware of the potential site risks that may come with the day to day activities from running this type of business. Environmental issues that can arise from these sites include, but are not limited to:

  • Odor control — odors from animal farming facilities may impact neighboring populations.
  • Pesticide/herbicide overspray — chemicals applied to crops could inadvertently affect a third party’s health.
  • Misapplication of biosolids and manure — creating soils unusable for farming and storm water runoff issues.
  • Over the road spills of chemicals and fertilizers — damaging nearby property, streams, and potentially wildlife.
  • Storage of chemicals/fertilizers/equipment — causing an on-site pollution condition that must be cleaned up.
  • Leaking storage tanks — causing extensive damage on-site and to neighboring properties.
  • Wastewater management and wastewater lagoons — unintentional discharge of untreated wastewater causing first and third party property damage, and even bodily injury in some cases.

Pollution policies are available in the environmental insurance marketplace which can be tailored to meet the needs of the agribusiness industry. These policies provide Read the complete article.


Environmental Consultants

The environmental consulting service industry has seen significant growth in recent years. With increased concern over soil/groundwater contamination, air quality, mold, and other pollutants, the demand for these types of consultants will continue to be on the rise. Environmental consultants work in a variety of industries, from construction, to waste management, real estate and of course regulatory agencies. We have years of experience working with a wide range of environmental consultants and we are here to assist you in explaining the need for environmental coverage to these clients and seek the options that best suit them. We are also seeing an uptick in activity with environmental health & safety consultants, pipeline inspection, and leak detection consultants. Read more.


Recent Success Stories

$300k Eyes/ears oilfield consultant (only observing and reporting back to the client) purchased a $1M/$2M GL/CPL/E&O policy for $5,500.

$4.2M Environmental remediation, emergency response, and industrial cleaning contractor purchased a $1M/$2M GL/CPL/E&O policy and a $10M Excess policy for a total of $58,000.

$2.1M Fire, water, and mold restoration contractor purchased GL/CPL/E&O, including Mold for $36,430. The insured is located in NY (not NYC or 5 boroughs).

$1M Service station construction company; tank contractor located in NY State purchased a $1M/$2M GL/CPL policy for $22,504.

$800k Environmental contractor/consultant purchased a $1M/$2M GL/CPL/E&O policy and a $2M Excess policy for a total of $10,173.

$40k Environmental contractor purchased a $1M/$2M GL/CPL/E&O policy for $2,500.