Have you considered the professional exposures of your contractor clients?

For many contractors, particularly those that are specialized, the line between contracting services and professional services has become blurred. While they are performing their normal operations, they could face professional exposures by either making slight adjustments to plans to get the job done, supervising other contractors, or providing recommendations that could be considered professional services in the event of a claim. When these contractors purchase General Liability and CPL policies, they should be aware that professional services are typically excluded.

PartnerOne Contractors Pollution & Professional is a combined CPL and Professional Liability policy that is custom tailored to address the risk exposures encountered by non-environmental contractors.

  • Limits up to $10,000,000
  • Minimum Premium $5,000
  • Project policies available

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Bodily Injury and Property Damage from Thirdhand Smoke

By Ivy Riggs, Executive Underwriter

After years of supporting smoking cessation campaigns, life and health insurers may be delighted that their efforts seem to be paying off. According to recent CDC statistics, tobacco smoking in the United States has declined from nearly 21% in 2005 to less than 18% in 2013. What may be less encouraging however is that marijuana smoking, at least among teens, has increased an average of 13% over the same time period. Although the jury may still be out among the life and health insurers in weighing the implications of this shift, for property and casualty insurers some key questions are only just beginning to be asked. Read the complete article.


Recent Success Stories

  • $400k Fire & water restoration contractor purchased GL/CPL/E&O policy ($2M/$2M) for $5,092.
  • $6.9M General contractor and construction manager purchased CPL/Professional ($1M/$1M) for $6,780. Coverage includes Occurrence Mold, NODs, Site Pollution, and Mitigation of Damages.
  • $3M Insulation contractor in NY purchased Occurrence CPL ($10M/$10M) for $20,212. For this account, our broker handles the other lines of business and was able to round out the account by adding the CPL.
  • $500k Telecom contractor/directional drilling specialists purchased CPL ($1M/$2M) for $2,000.