Do you have energy contractor clients?

We have important news for you.

Do you need to find customized, competitively-priced coverage from an A+ rated carrier? In today’s marketplace, it can be difficult to find and secure the right insurance for your roustabout, refinery, and pipeline contractors. PartnerOne Energy Select provides leading coverage for environmental energy contractors who are involved in the service, support, and construction for oil & gas companies.

Product details include:

  • PartnerOne Energy Select is a combined package that can include General Liability, Broad Form Contractors Pollution Liability, Professional Liability, and Premises Pollution Liability.
  • Companion Auto may be available for qualifying accounts (2 unit minimum).
  • It can be structured to cover work performed by or on behalf of the named insured.
  • It can be written using Occurrence, Claims-Made, and Claims-Made and Reported coverage forms.
  • Coverage starts at $5,000 plus applicable taxes and fees.

An important feature of PartnerOne Energy Select is that the product includes Non-Sudden Gradual (Broad form) Pollution Coverage. The policy language you come across regarding pollution releases could make a huge difference for the clients you are working with. Make sure you understand the difference between Sudden & Accidental and Non-Sudden Gradual Pollution coverage. Contact us to learn more.


Finding Environmental Exposures in the Oilfield

By Amanda Duncan, President, PartnerOne Environmental

Traditional environmental risk exposures have been insurable in the marketplace for many years. Services such as asbestos/lead abatement, soil/groundwater remediation, storage tank contracting, wastewater treatment, and environmental consulting are classic examples of a desirable environmental account. Jobsites are generally commercial or industrial in nature with mixed use, residential and municipal settings also quite common, since contamination can be found just about anywhere. We envision contractors in hazmat suits performing the necessary remediation and consultants reviewing reports, designing remedial plans, and analyzing data. Companies performing these operations are ideal insureds for environmental insurance carriers, assuming they have proper qualifications and a decent loss history. Read the complete article.

Recent Success Stories

$1M Asbestos/lead abatement contractor purchased GL/CPL for $10,419. We were able to include Transit Pollution and Non-Owned Disposal Site coverage in the terms.

$3M Consultant performing Tank and pipeline leak detection services purchased GL/CPL/E&O and a $1M Excess policy for $21,000.

$16M Environmental laboratory purchased CPL/E&O ($1M/$2M) for $17,000.

$1.5M Medical waste hauler purchased GL/CPL/E&O and a $1M Excess policy for $11,886. The terms include Site Specific Pollution for their waste treatment facility.

$2.5M Fire/water restoration contractor purchased GL/CPL and a $1M Excess policy for a total premium of $16,809.

$500k Septic tank cleaning company purchased CPL with a $5M Excess policy for $14,818.