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Overcoming Challenges When Discussing Coverage with Non-Environmental Contractors
Having trouble responding to challenging questions relating to Environmental coverage? We have put together some of the most common disputes pertaining to this coverage, and our suggestions for how to handle them.

My General Liability policy will cover everything.
This isn’t always the case. Many GL policies have specific absolute or total pollution exclusions that limit how that policy would respond. CPL coverage could fill in important gaps the GL policy may have.

I don’t think I have a pollution exposure.
It may be a small exposure but what typically happens is a little exposure that can lead to a large claim. Something as simple as spilling fuel while on the job can lead to a cleanup mandate or a lawsuit. Unfortunately, General Liability won’t even come into play for defense costs, so the contractor will have to foot the bill.

I don’t deal with hazardous materials.
Insurance companies consider most liquids, gasses, smoke, and dust in large quantities as pollutants. Accidental release of fuel and chemicals from broken pipelines, tanks, and utilities are only some of the reasons many contractors decide to purchase coverage.

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Recent Success Stories

  • $1.5M Environmental consultant purchased GL/CPL/E&O and Excess policy (combined $2M/$3M limit) for $14,095. This is a new environmental compliance and permitting consulting firm in PA, started by 2 very experienced Principals.
  • $2.1M Environmental Contractor- Asbestos/Lead Abatemet purchased GL/CPL/E&O ($2M/$2M limit) for $17,036.
  • 30-unit Apartment building purchased a $1M/$1M Site Pollution Liability policy for $3,850.
  • $20M Construction materials and equipment installation, service, and rental company purchased CPL for $6,000. Coverage included TPL, NODs, and Emergency Response.
  • $2M Wastewater treatment plant operator in New York State purchased GL, CPL, E&O, and Excess for $33,000.