New! PartnerOne Environmental Launches Product for Facilities

Industrial and commercial facilities with manufacturing and operational exposures face unique casualty and pollution concerns stemming from the activities performed at the facility, products manufacturing, materials handling/storage, and waste disposal practices, just to name a few. PartnerOne Facilities Casualty & Pollution has been designed with these clients’ needs specifically in mind; addressing both General Liability and Pollution Liability issues with a comprehensive, fully integrated policy form.

Target risks for PartnerOne Facilities Casualty & Pollution include: environmental products manufacturing, transfer stations, wastewater treatment plants, landfills, recycling operations, and cold storage warehousing. Learn more.


New Minimum Premium for Monoline CPL

PartnerOne Environmental can now offer a new Minimum Premium of $2,000 for a $1M/$2M monoline Contractors Pollution Liability policy. This product targets small to middle market environmental and non-environmental contractors, and can be written to include enhancements such as Natural Resources Damage, Transportation Pollution Liability, Mold coverage, etc. Learn more.


Recent Success Stories

$1.6M Electronic shredding and recycling company purchased $5M/$5M GL/CPL/E&O/ Premises Pollution policy for $21,000.

$1M Environmental safety and health consultant purchased GL, CPL, E&O, and a $1M Excess policy for $8,500.

$420k Pipeline leak detection and corrosion inspection company purchased GL/CPL/E&O and a $3M Excess policy for $11,545.

$1M Environmental consultant purchased GL/CPL/E&O ($1M/$2M) for $6,148.