Environmental Contractors & Consultants

Environmental contractors and consultants face many risks stemming from their daily operations — some of which are known hazards and others are more hidden exposures. Whether or not they create a pollution condition or aggravate an existing one, an insured can be held liable in the event of a claim. A mistake by a consultant reviewing data could cost millions, even if the data was provided by another party. Claims caused by pollution conditions or professional services may not be covered in the General Liability form, so it is extremely important to review your client’s existing insurance program.

Exposures may include:

  • Unforeseen environmental hazards
  • Unintentional non-compliance with environmental laws
  • Use of construction/job-site materials
  • Over the road and loading/unloading
  • Negligent actions of subcontractors
  • Incorrect analysis of data and/or reports

Coverage for Environmental Consultants

We can offer a combined form General Liability with Contractors Pollution and Professional Liability as well as supporting Follow Form Excess; a Combined Contractors Pollution/Professional Liability policy if the GL is already placed elsewhere; and Premises Pollution Liability for facilities the contractor/consultant may own. Coverages may vary by class.

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CPL/Professional for Non-Environmental Contractors

PartnerOne Environmental is pleased to announce PartnerOne Contractors Pollution & Professional, a combined CPL and Professional Liability policy that is custom tailored to address the risk exposures encountered by non-environmental contractors.

Target risks for PartnerOne Contractors Pollution & Professional include: General contractors, HVAC contractors, plumbers, electricians, street & road contractors, painting contractors, roofers, and a variety of other non-environmental contractors.

Limits up to $10,000,000; Minimum Premium $5,000; Project policies available

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Recent Success Stories

  • $65M General contractor performing construction management with minimal non-environmental contracting including carpentry, electrical, plumbing, etc. They purchased a $5M/$5M CPL/E&O policy for $64,999. PartnerOne initially received a request for CPL, only, but were able to provide a combined CPL/PL policy for this General Contractor with our new CPP product.
  • $350k Non-environmental contractor/utility contractor purchased a $1M/$2M occurrence CPL policy for $2,000.
  • $1.2M Environmental conservation education/training contractor purchased a $1M/$2M GL/CPL/E&O policy for $7,060. This is a public agency funded under the PA state budget as well as grants and misc. fees.
  • $400k Emergency response contractor purchased a $5M/$5M GL/CPL policy for $10,000.
  • $1.5M Environmental consultant and waste broker purchased GL/CPL/E&O ($1M/$2M) and a $9M Excess policy for $25,000.
  • $1.15M Environmental consultant (specializing in industrial cleaning and waste disposal services for state of TX) purchased GL/CPL/E&O and a $5M Excess policy for a total of $22,207.