Recent Success with Energy Accounts

We want to update you on our recent success in writing energy risks with our new PartnerOne Energy Select product! The need for quality coverage for environmental energy contractors who are involved in the service, support, and construction for oil & gas companies is growing, and the opportunity to write this business is evident. We have recently written accounts for roustabout contractors, eyes & ears consultants, and other oil & gas contractors. Coverage includes broad form Contractors Pollution Liability over Sudden/Accidental coverage.

Learn more about coverage details, available enhancements, and minimum premiums.


Pollution Exposures for Sites & Facilities

Sites of all kinds–whether a vacant property or an office park–have a premises pollution exposure. Owners and managers of sites and facilities should not only understand all the potential problems that can currently impact their properties, they must also understand that activities that previously took place on the property can also continue to “haunt” it for years to come. Additionally, insureds should anticipate pollution problems from neighboring properties that could migrate onto their land. With so many insurance considerations, it’s critical to understand the differences in policy forms and language to watch for in a Premises Pollution policy. Learn more.


Our Latest Success Stories

Electronic waste recycler purchased Premises Pollution Liability for $3,600. This insured is a non-profit staffed by disabled individuals who are taught a marketable skill for financial independence.

$2.5M Soil remediation contractor GL/CPL and a $10M Excess policy for a total of $40,000.

$200k Roustabout contractor purchased GL and broad form CPL for $5,000.

$500k Wetland contractor purchased GL/CPL/E&O and a $1M Excess policy for a total of $7,134.