New Business Account Opportunities

PartnerOne Environmental has seen an uptick in the following types of accounts, providing great opportunities to write new business.

GL/Combined form with Auto and Workers Comp

  • Abatement/demo contractors
  • Remediation contractors
  • Sludge removal/septic tank contractors
  • Waste oil removal



  • HVAC/plumbing/mechanical
  • Street/road/excavation
  • Landscaping
  • Construction managers
  • Electrical contractors


Site Pollution Liability

  • Auto dealerships/repair
  • Warehouses/self storage facilities
  • Medical offices
  • Recycling facilities



Storage Tank Liability/Fuel Solutions

  • Gas stations & convenience stores
  • Car/boat/recreational vehicle dealerships and repair
  • Any location with a tank and/or backup generator such as a hospital, hotel, condo, school, municipality, or cell phone tower.

Tools & Resources

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