Package Policies for Environmental Contractors

PartnerOne offers Package policies for a wide range of environmental contractors and consultants, including asbestos/lead/mold PCB abatement, site remediation consulting, and more.

Coverage may include GL, Contractors Pollution, Professional, Workers Compensation, Auto, Cyber, and more.

Recent Success Stories

  • $2.8M Concrete cutting/general contracting services company purchased CPL/Professional ($2M/$2M) for $8,800.
  • $720k Asbestos abatement and interior demo contractor purchased GL/CPL/E&O ($1M/$2M) and a $1M Excess policy for $11,000.
  • Automotive dealership with six tanks (five of them installed in 1985 and one installed in 1990) purchased Storage Tank Liability ($1M/$1M) for $20,000.
  • $1.5M Environmental contractor purchased a $5M/$5M Excess policy for $9,000.
  • $5.7M Contractor purchased CPL/E&O ($2M/$2M) for $8,327. The insured specializes in the fabrication and installation of structural/ornamental metal, including handrails, stairs, and canopies.
  • $1.1M Mold abatement contractor purchased GL, CPL, and E&O with Mold, TPL, NODS, and Limited Cyber for $9,590.

Environmental Exposures from Construction

From house and apartment development to commercial buildings and road expansion, construction is a constant process. While construction remains necessary, the potential hazards surrounding these projects can pose problems to the environment and affect wildlife and humans alike. Read the article.

Coverage for Facilities Including Onsite Storage Tanks

Whether you insure a repair shop, auto dealership, or golf course, your site pollution exposure is broader than just a possible leak from your storage tank. Oil/grease spills, hydraulic lifts, and chemical/pesticide storage are common pollution exposures at these facilities. Read more.