Tips to Manage Your Accounts Better

By Allison McGreal, Assistant Vice President

We are all so busy in life and in work that we rarely have time to get through the daily tasks we set out to complete. Just when we have a handle on our list of to-do items, additional things get added. When working on an account, one of the best ways to help with time management is to handle it as few times as possible. Easier said than done, but here are some helpful tips to get an account quoted and bound with the fewest “touches.”

Coverage for Environmental Facilities

Industrial and commercial facilities with manufacturing and operational exposures face unique casualty and pollution concerns stemming from the activities performed at the facility, products manufacturing, materials handling/storage, and waste disposal practices, just to name a few. PartnerOne Facilities Casualty & Pollution has been designed with these clients’ needs specifically in mind; addressing both General Liability and Pollution Liability issues with a comprehensive, fully integrated policy form. Read more.

Recent Success Stories

  • $1.4M Environmental consultant purchased GL/CPL/E&O ($5M/$5M) for $17,500.
  • A franchised oil center with 13 locations and 67 tanks purchased Storage Tank Liability/Site Pollution Liability ($1M/$1M) and Waste Transportation/Non-owned Disposal Site coverage ($100k/$100k) for $24,471.
  • $8M General contractor purchased CPL/E&O ($2M/$2M) for $9,200.
  • $18M Concrete/excavation contractor purchased a $1M/$1M CPL policy for $8,594.
  • $2.35M Environmental consultant purchased GL/CPL/E&O including Mold ($2M/$2M) and a $2M Excess policy for $18,250.
  • $500k Environmental contractor purchased GL/CPL/E&O ($3M/$3M) and a $2M Excess policy for $12,714.

Don’t forget!

If you offer your insured an Excess quote when the primary is presented, both can be bound and financed at the same time.