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Almost all premises have a pollution exposure, from an insured’s day-to-day operations, a neighbor’s negligence of its facility, or even natural disasters triggering an event. These pollution exposures are usually excluded from GL or Property coverage forms, so it is important for businesses to have Premises Pollution Liability in place to protect them from potential claims. This provides coverage for both on-site and off-site clean-up, defense costs, and third party bodily injury & property damage claims. Coverage starts at $3,000.

Here are just a few examples of sites that should have Premises Pollution Liability in place:

Warehouse Facilities
Warehouse facilities have the potential for very unique pollution exposures due to the size of the facilities and the amount of goods typically stored on-site at any given time. From an insured’s daily operations, to the possibility of a natural disaster triggering a pollution event, it is crucial that warehouse owners and operators have adequate coverage.

Wastewater Treatment Plants
Wastewater treatment plants can be found all over the United States, and are designed to clean used water and sewage so that it can be returned safely to our environment. This wastewater comes from homes, schools, businesses, groundwater runoff, and storm water infiltration, and must be sent through several processes in order to safely remove solid particles, reduce pollutants, and restore oxygen. The chemicals and machinery used in processing wastewater and the resulting solids/sludges can cause bodily injury to workers, site explosions, pollutant discharge into the soil, water, and/or air, and a whole host of other problems that can result in an insurance claim.

Recycling Centers
As more materials are shipped to local recycling centers, these facilities are increasing their environmental exposure, sometimes without knowing it.  Materials may arrive that cannot be recycled, thus proper disposal is required. The influx of goods means longer periods of storage, and the recycling machines are running for longer periods of time, consuming more fuel. In addition, more traffic on these sites may increase the potential for the accumulation of petroleum hydrocarbons in the soil.

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Recent Success Stories

  • $48M Commercial contractors specializing in underground pool installation purchased a $1M/$1M CPL/E&O policy for $35,934.
  • $500k Environmental contractors focusing on hazardous waste clean up purchased GL/CPL/E&O ($1M/$2M) and a $5M/$5M Excess policy for $14,084. The insured is a new venture, providing clean up services for the oil & gas industry.
  • $250k Environmental consultant (health & safety services for the oil & gas industry) purchased CPL/E&O ($1M/$2M) and a $4M/$4M Excess policy for $11,850.
  • $500k Pipeline/tank cleaning and inspection services purchased GL/CPL/E&O for $7,500.
  • $20M Commercial general contractor purchased a $2M/$2M CPL/C&O policy for $21,000.
  • $1M Company specializing in the engineering and installation of wastewater treatment systems purchased GL/CPL/E&O ($1M/$2M) for $12,802.
  • $50k Environmental consultant purchased GL/CPL/E&O including mold for $2,500.