PartnerOne Environmental has achieved considerable growth in 2016. In addition to establishing many new partnerships, we have received a record number of submissions and grown our team considerably. We have pulled together some products and classes of business where we’ve seen the most opportunity over the year. These are areas where we have been able to provide leading coverage at competitive pricing.

Thanks for your support this year! We appreciate your business and look forward to our shared success in 2017.

Combined form GL/Pollution/Professional for Asbestos Abatement and Fire & Water Restoration Contractors

Asbestos abatement and fire & water contractors have had a busy year―with thousands of remediation and renovation projects around the country, there is a clear need for quality coverage for these contractors. Not only can we offer leading package coverage with extremely fast turnarounds, we bind the majority of these accounts we receive, which means if you send us your submission, there’s a good chance we’ll write it with you. Learn more >>

Fuel Solutions combined Site Pollution and Storage Tank Liability for Auto Dealerships and Repair shops

Dealer & repair businesses present a great opportunity to write new accounts. In addition to the premises pollution exposures ranging from oil/grease spills, hydraulic lifts, and chemical storage, these locations almost always house storage tanks that need coverage as well. PartnerOne launched its Fuel Solutions product earlier this year―since then, we have been busy handling submissions from agents needing coverage for their dealer & repair clients.  Learn more >>

Combined CPL/Professional for Specialty Trade and General Contractors

We have seen a huge uptick in interest for CPL/E&O for non-environmental contractors. Whether the exposure stems from supervising subcontractors or making adjustments to plans, more contractors are seeking professional coverage.  Not only are agents recommending a combined form to help protect their clients’ investments, they are recognizing this as a great way to build on their current contractor accounts. CPL/E&O has been a top seller for us this year and we are already seeing many solid opportunities for these accounts heading into 2017. Learn more >>


Action Over Coverage, Revisited

By Allison McGreal, Vice President

In recent years, insurance carriers have been treating New York accounts like they are doing the Hokey Pokey. They’re in, or they’re out, or they are shaking it all about with exclusions. Many insurers that have written Commercial General Liability in New York State have made a conscious decision to stop writing accounts there altogether, presumably due to poor loss results. Others have continued to write business in this area, but have chosen to…Read the complete article.


Recent Success Stories

  • $100k Tank and pipeline leak detection contractor purchased GL/CPL/E&O ($1M/$2M) and a $5M Excess policy for a total of $11,500.
  • $1.5M Asbestos abatement firm doing business in CT and NY purchased GL/CPL ($1M/$2M) and a $5M Excess policy for $53,000.
  • $9.7M Roustabout contractor purchased a $5M CPL policy for $12,500.
  • $550k Utility/telecom contractor purchased Occurrence CPL ($1M/$2M) for $2,000. The contractor’s annual revenues are nearly $4M, but they wanted to carve out only their jobs performed in Arizona for coverage. PartnerOne restricted coverage accordingly and rated based on revenues earned from Arizona projects only.